The US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families are offering a FREE relationship-building program for Fathers and Co-Parents (wife, grandparent, aunt, etc.)

Dads participating in the program will attend a VIRTUAL group once a week with other fathers or co-parents. The groups are held virtually through Zoom or face-to-face in the community.

Fathers who are interested in improving their relationship with their co-parent can participate together to grow and support the changing dynamics of a family and the parenting relationship. One-on-one case management is also provided to support fathers in their personal growth and goal planning, as well as to provide supportive resources that can improve common stressors that many families face.

Gift card incentives will be offered for mid-points reached and for graduation from the DePelchin Children’s Center’s “DADS: DePelchin All Dads Succeed” Program: DePelchin Children’s Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in the Houston area in 1892. Since that time, the agency has served children and families as an accredited foster care and adoption agency and through programs that focus on child abuse prevention and keeping families together.  DePelchin has provided general parenting services for over 25 years. Over the last ten years, we have seen outstanding growth in father engagement in our counseling and parenting programs. Historically these programs have been tailored to work with a primary parent or main parent contact which is often listed as “the mother.” While the programs encourage father involvement, they have not been set up in a way to fully support, promote, and engage fathers in a way that meets them where they desire to be.

Visit the Depelchin website to register today.