“Well fuck my life! Ain’t this a bitch?” There, I got it out at the opening of this article, tackling the “elephant in the room” which I discovered is – ME!

Nope, this is no self-deprecating article where I am putting myself down (no low self-esteem Sally here) but I have to let you know that my “Come thruuu sis” former bathroom selfies are not “too cute boo!” these days.

I have let myself go – in a major way.

I was already a plus-size chick, but I was the curva-licious sistah who could really turn some heads. But now, I am not sure if I WANT to turn any heads because if I do, they’d see – I’m now BREATHING HARD! Seriously.

The pandemic has taken every part of me and dragged my energy level down, along with my breasts, my arms and my ass, which is not as perky as it used to be.

I honestly think my “quarantine 15” is more like a “quarantine 50,” but I just don’t have the heart to step on the scale to check.

Remote working has really taken its toll on my body. While I totally appreciate working from home and staying out of the deadly path of the coronavirus, I think that inactivity has created another deadly path for many of us, and we don’t really see it. Increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health-associated diseases that my fingers can’t bare my “hypochondriac-natured” self to type because I know I have opened myself up to all of it.

Shameless truth – I’ve always prided myself as a fashionista but my weight gain has caused me to trade in my designer heels for designer sneakers because my chunky butt can’t “rock” stilettos like I used to. They are no longer comfortable. “Somebody call 911 – Diva Down!”

FASHION EMERGENCY! I was struggling to find a comfortable outfit – that no longer required heels – to wear to a fashion show, and called the fine folks at @HatrixandCo who delivered me a fun fedora and checkered handbag to spice up my sneakers. She got me right!

I know that many say reversing weight gain is “as easy as 1-2-3” and I should just put one foot in front of the other, but it really is “easier said than done.”

Why? Because if you look at the title of the article, I mentioned two things I got – one was FAT, in which we just discussed, and the other was RICH – which we can talk about…….

Now, don’t get me wrong. “Rich” is a HUGE OVERSTATEMENT, but it really was a great way to grab your attention, wasn’t it? Sorry, suckas! LOL.

But I have damn near doubled my annual income during the pandemic sheerly by the amount of “side hustles” I have been able to pick up.

I am a writer, and so abundant grace has flowed my way from large corporations and small businesses needing me to wordsmith more than a few projects on their behalf. During this pandemic, I have gotten my first IMDb credit as a consulting producer for a soon-to-be-released movie, associate produced one upcoming talk show and one reality show, in addition to helping multiple clients with public relations projects – a talent I did not realize I had.

I have also ghost written a manuscript, corporate blogs and multiple articles in MAJOR corporate magazines, in addition to serving as “ghost” managing editor of a small newspaper, and a co-anchor and digital news producer for a local radio station. Believe it or not, I juggled all of my “bonus income” assignments WITHOUT interrupting focus from my DAY JOB, but my nights and weekends were shot to hell!

Oh, and did I mention I launched THIS WEBSITE during the pandemic as well? Trust me, it hasn’t been easy, especially finding reliable writers. I’m a perfectionist with a strong work ethic so working “for” me, I assume, can be challenging for some – but that is not what this article is about.

Back to fat and finances!

Anywho – doing all of the things I have done during the pandemic has caused me to be chained to my laptop and, while I kept a strict calendar for servicing all of my clients, I did not add ANY moments in the day for my overall health. As I write this, I still don’t have a clear plan of action.

The takeaway is this. I have spent my lifetime working toward the goal of being financially free to fly around the world whenever my heart desired. (Check out my previous “Black Girl Bucket List” blogs I documented on my other website.) And now, thanks to all the extra work I have picked up nowadays, I have the money to travel, BUT my excessive weight gain and low energy wouldn’t even allow me enjoy a damn trip!

Isn’t it funny how LIFE can throw you a curve ball?

I have to find a balancing act. I have to get FIT and I must take control of my overall health or someone else will be enjoying the fruits of my labor while I am …… well, I don’t even want to finish that thought… we all know what can happen if we don’t take care of our bodies.

So… if I can leave you with some advice:

Financially – Look for options of what you can do to increase your income. There are so many companies who can contract your services – whatever they are – because so many people have not returned to the workforce. Open up a completely different bank account to store your extra earnings so you can see what your “side hustle” is doing for you.

Fitness – Don’t be like I USED to be. I say that because, as I write this article, I am promising myself to take over my health. I suggest you do the same. Get moving, even if it is around your house. As I scan my home, I see that I have a fitness gym right here.

Hallway / foyer – I can do lunge squats from the front door to the sofa.

Stairs – I can walk or run up them several times a day as part of a routine.

Open space – I can find anywhere in the house to do jumping jacks, sit ups, leg lifts and any other exercise to just get my blood circulating and stop making excuses.

Refrigerator – I can put what I NEED in there, instead of what I WANT. Time to practice some self control.

The next update. I want to give you a POWERFUL testimony how I shared my truth – which I am doing right now – and GOT MOVING – which I am doing from this day forward.

And then, I can post a picture on the beach of a paradise destination that I can finally AFFORD to take and will be HEALTHY enough to ENJOY — without breathing hard while trying to sightsee and scaring the locals with my big ass thighs.

#Goals #Truth #Support — Let’s get it!