While the Turkey Leg Hut is nationally known for its delectable food, this week the restaurant is the leading topic of discussion on social media, and no, it has nothing to do with turkey legs.

Last week the restaurant posted its new dress code regulations and later revised it. In my opinion, the first version of the dress code was a little much. Particularly the “All Body Parts Must Be Completely Covered” section that banned any showing of breast cleavage. There is a difference between having your breasts out and showing a little cleavage. Even the restaurant owner, Nakia Price, was showing cleavage in an Instagram post wearing an appropriate dress with a deep neckline.

The dress code was revised into something I think is doable and not anti-Black like the majority of social media claims.

In the caption of the revised dress code, the owner explains that the dress code was something the restaurant was forced to create due to the attire of some customers.

In my opinion, social media blew this way out of proportion. The Turkey Leg Hut is not asking you to pull up in a three-piece suit or an evening gown. They are simply asking for decency at a family-friendly restaurant.

The way Twitter was overreacting, I really thought The Turkey Leg Hut was specifically targeting Black people and Black culture so that they could grow by disrespecting the demographic that made them.

But if you just look at how people are dressed after the policy was enforced, you would see that people are still in regular clothes. We cannot sit here and pretend that wearing revealing undergarments, having our ENTIRE bottom out, and wearing clothing with obscene graphics and language is Black culture. You can’t tell me you don’t have ONE pair of jeans (pants, shorts, skirts, etc) with a nice top.

The Turkey Leg Hut wouldn’t even need a dress code policy if people weren’t showing up dressed like they’re going to a strip club. I worked in a popular Black-owned family-friendly brunch restaurant and I’ve personally seen how some people show up in dingy wifebeaters and clothes that reveal all.

Stop telling yourselves that obscene clothing or lack of clothing is Black culture. It is not. Stop blowing things out of proportion, customers of The Turkey Leg Hut are dressed like everyday people after the policy was enforced. We start losing sense of what is really anti-Black when we label common decency as anti-Black.

Just put on some regular clothes like everybody else. They are not asking you to show up in your Sunday best or expensive club gear. It’s truly embarrassing how a lot of Black people are in an uproar about putting on some regular clothes.

On the other hand, this turkey leg controversy has produced some hilarious content.

Oop! I wonder what the Turkey Leg Hut has to say about this one!

How I expect my man to dress for an evening at The Turkey Leg Hut.

This is live footage of me and the crew pulling up for the stuffed turkey legs.

You can never go wrong with this Civil Rights Movement-approved uniform.

Me when my table is ready after four hours in line.