Guardians of the Galaxy star, Best-Selling author, and tech entrepreneur Blondy Baruti has officially launched a breakthrough new social media platform called BePerk to give full power back to the user to decide how they want to be represented on social media.

Now available in the App Store, Baruti was inspired to build an app that offers users full control of their content to minimize social media bullying, anxiety, judging, comparison, depression, loss of self-esteem, social media addiction, stress, and pressure.

Users can choose to have their Followers and Following Public or Private. BePerk gives the user overall control to combat negative social media pressure. Post your thoughts without making an entire post. Users can control how long others can read their thoughts by using the timer. Users can make their comments, likes, and views public or private. Users will be able to view who read their thoughts. After posting a thought, the end-users will see blur lines that they have to tap to read. Baruti believes parents will like BePerk’s parental control features to have more power to keep their children away from social media.

About Blondy Baruti

In his amazing true story, Baruti, who at the age of 10 walked over 500 miles to escape the Civil War in the Congo, overcame incredible odds—poverty, fever, hunger, betrayal—in pursuit of daring dreams that take him from his fight for survival in the Congolese jungle to a dazzling turn on an A-list red carpet after earning a role in the Marvel blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Baruti’s story is an inspirational and true rags-to-riches story of how one young boy made it from the war-torn Congolese jungles to America and onto the silver screen, all the while facing extraordinary trials and twists of fate with unwavering faith and unflagging spirit.