Rapper T.I. is speaking out in the way he knows best: through his music. The “About the Money” rapper released a new song titled “What It’s Come To” addressing the sexual misconduct allegations against him and his wife, Tiny.

The allegations started back in January when dozens of women spoke out against the reality TV stars, starting with Sabrina Peterson, a former friend and alleged victim of the couple.

The alleged victims took to social media to speak out against the abuse in which they claimed involved drugs, coercion, and rape. Almost all of the stories told by the alleged victims are of an event hosted by the superstar couple that ended with the women being too drugged up to give consent. Both T.I. and Tiny have made statements via social media against the allegations claiming the accusations are false, but T.I.’s new single marks an official response from the couple.

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Two horrible accusations are taking place, one party accused of sexual assault and abuse, and the other party accused of lying about their sexual assault and abuse. We don’t know who’s innocent and who’s guilty. All we know is, somebody’s lying.

Check out T.I.’s new single, “What It’s Come To” and feel free to comment on who you believe is innocent or guilty.