The deep bond between actress Jada Pinkett Smith and late Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur is common knowledge. But a post made by Pinkett Smith on Tuesday reveals just how significant their friendship was.

Pinkett Smith read the poem titled, “Lost Soulz” in an IGTV post on the eve of what would have been Shakur’s 50th birthday.

“Pac wrote me many letters and many poems. And I don’t think this has ever been published honestly,” she said in the IGTV post.


Pinkett Smith has opened up about how Shakur’s death in 1996 still affects her on her Facebook Watch series, the Red Table Talk.

“I’ve had a lot of loss. So many of my close friends gone. They didn’t make it to 30. They didn’t make it past 25. A lot of people talk about my relationship with Pac and figure that out,” she said. “That was a huge loss in my life because he was one of those people I expected to be here. My upset is more anger because I feel like he left me and I know that’s not true and it’s a very selfish way to think about it… I really did believe he’d be here for the long run. And when I think about it I still get really mad.”