Memorial Day is right around the corner and with a three-day weekend, you want to make the most of it. Here are some of the most exciting events Houston has to offer this weekend.

Body Worlds and the Circle of Life Exhibition

body worlds

The Houston Museum of Natural Science hosts both an educational and fascinating exhibit showcasing the health and wellbeing of the human body. The exhibit features over 100 well-preserved human specimens demonstrating the human body at its best and at its worst.

Color Story

color theory

Color Story is an exhibition of two multimedia Houston-based artists. Step into the world of Lanecia A. Rouse and Jonathan Paul Jackson as they explore personal narratives through abstract art and collages. The exhibit showcases color, texture, and individual expression.

Sam Houston Race Park

horse race

What’s more exciting than live horse racing? This event is perfect for an unusual but exhilarating date night. The best part is, admission starts at $8. The live racing ends June 12th, so don’t miss out.



Seismique is one of the newest permanent experiential art museums in Houston. The interactive museum offers over 40 exhibitions abundant in color, sound, and natural elements. With motion-tracking, holograms, augmented reality, and over 9 million LED lights, this museum provides fun for the whole family.

The Dr. Seuss Experience

dr suess

Calling all Dr. Seuss fans! This interactive event takes guests through nine different Dr. Seuss books allow you to walk through the pages of your favorite childhood books. You won’t want to leave the wondrous world of Dr. Seuss.