We’d like to begin this post with a serious “grow the “F” up disclaimer…. but anywho….Who would have thought that longtime business partners and best friends Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Shekinah Jo would be ending their yearslong friendship — and that it would all be unfolding on social media.

Welp, it is! Shekinah Jo, a hairstylist who got her “reality show fame” as being Tiny’s LOUD friend, is hurling lots of accusations, saying she did Tiny and her daughters’ hair for free for years and had to suck up to her husband, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, to be Tiny’s friend. She also believes that Tiny left her hanging when she came to her and T.I.’s defense when they were accused of multiple sexual harassment allegations.


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Shekinah took to social media to let the world know that her and Tiny are “splits-ville” and that Tiny is a horrible friend.

“She let the world tear me up! I done did your hair for free, I done kissed your m*therf***ng a**! You done took all my old friends. Now they your best friends. All y’all gotta do is pay attention,” Shekinah posted.

Not to be outdone. Tiny hit back, saying that Shekinah is dramatic and looking for attention and that’s why she chose to end the friendship.

“I’m too old for this sh*t fr! To be beefing with a friend on SM! This is some attention-seeking ****. She always do. U guys would never know we wasn’t speaking or any of this if it wasn’t for her emotional a**!” Tiny posted.

We hate to pick sides on this one, but we do agree with Tiny, and the fact that they are way too old to be beefing on social media.

Get it together ladies…