Like it or not, Soulja Boy paved the way for lots of rappers today. In a tweet made Saturday, the ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ rapper claimed to be the first to rep Icebox Jewelry, which is sort of the Johnny Dang of Atlanta.

Soulja Boy (Big Draco) @souljaboy

“I was the first rapper at icebox”

Apparently, Icebox wants Soulja Boy to do less tweeting and ‘Crank That’ credit card to pay an outstanding debt of almost $200,000, as reported by TMZ.

A representative from Icebox says the tweet means nothing to the store. Icebox allegedly has an unresolved lawsuit against Soulja Boy, dating back to 2013.

The rapper has an open tab of $60K that he has been dodging. Almost eight years later, the jewelry store has still been unable to collect the money.

Although a judge ruled in the favor of Icebox, Soulja Boy never has more than $10K in his accounts at a time.

Icebox went on to dispute Soulja Boy’s claims of being the first rapper to work with the store. They claim that while he was one of the first big artists, there’s a long list of rappers that supported the shop, way before Soulja.

Soulja Boy may have gotten his flowers from social media, but Icebox’s point still stands, pay that ‘Donk’ of a balance or else.