Out with Bernie Sanders and in with 50 Cent, because this time, viral memes are putting a spotlight on the city of Houston.

Houston has been buzzing after the rapper and entrepreneur, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, announced he was relocating from the Big Apple to the Bayou City.

“I Love NY, but i live in Houston now i’ll explain later. Green Light Gang. BOOM,” the rapper told his millions of fans on social media.

Sen. Bernie Sanders at inauguration

The internet was already on fire earlier this year after an image was captured of Sanders appearing to be a ‘grumpy grandpa’ at this year’s inauguration, wearing his mittens and coat. Sanders’ image was then superimposed on different backgrounds, placing him in various hilarious locations across America.

So, we can’t let a good laugh go. Since 50 released his news, Houstonians have been circulating hilarious memes of him touring various locations in H-Town.

From authentic Mexican food stands to the crown jewel of Texas, also known as Buc-ee’s convenience store, 50 Cent seems to be getting an up close and personal tour of the greatest city in Texas.

The rapper’s image has even been placed on Houston’s infamous soliciting hotspot, Bissonnet Street, also called “The Track.”

Even Houston’s small businesses like HeadLiners Barber Lounge, Stamped Patio Solutions, and Soak City Mobile Auto Detailing have hopped on this trend.

Welcome to Houston 50 Cent, and please understand, it’s not every day that a hip hop legend and entertainment mogul announces their residence in our beautiful city.

That N done hit more spots than Cuney Homes Charles Ray.

Posted by Michael D. Moore on Thursday, May 6, 2021