Latoria Jones is one of the most polished and dedicated makeup artists in the Houston area. Jones has established a name for herself and her makeup brand while being a mom of two.

She devotes her talents to a variety of people from all ethnic groups and backgrounds. Whether you’re going out on a casual date, party night with the girls, or walking down the aisle for your wedding, Jones prides herself on bringing the best out of her clients.

Bayou Beat News got the opportunity to speak with this Houston makeup artist to share her journey and advice for working moms.

Bayou Beat News: How did you get started in the makeup industry and what inspired you to create your own brand?

Jones: I’ve always been a girly girl and someone whose big on self-improvement. I originally started doing my own hair and then using a little makeup here and there in high school. From there, I ended up working at Macy’s part-time. I learned a lot about color matching and makeup when I started at Macy’s. Makeup was something I was always good at because I practiced until I perfected it. My brand is Naturally Luminous and I’ve been operating under that brand for about five years.

Bayou Beat News: What has been your biggest challenge as an all-around beauty artist?

Jones: The biggest challenge that I face in the beauty industry is keeping up with the trends. There’s so many trends and looks people want to go for. You have to be able to cater to all aspects of women and all races. It’s important to know how to create a look for people who like soft looks, dewy looks and natural glam. Nobody likes the same thing. It’s important to have several types of dimensions. If a woman wants to look like she has absolutely nothing on her face, but she has on a full face of makeup, you have to know how to acquire that look. If a woman wants to be contoured and snatched like she’s about to go on the runway, you have to know how to do that. It’s really about finding your niche in the industry and keeping up with the times.

Bayou Beat News: As a Black female makeup artist, how do you believe your experience differs from your white counterparts?

Jones: Women of our race believe we are the only ones able to do our skin tones. Women in general feel we as Black makeup artists only specialize in Black and Brown skin tones. It only takes one person of a different race to step out on faith to give us a chance to find our super power. Once you do one white person, many white people come to you. It grows from there. That’s how you gain independence as an artist. You’re showing you can be diverse and not one dimensional.

Bayou Beat News: This past year was challenging for many due to COVID-19. How did you balance?

Jones: As a mom and businesswoman, I do my best with setting aside free time. I am a firm believer in blocking off my schedule. Blocking off small time frames or a weekend where I don’t do makeup and spend quality time with my children is important. When I know there will be less volume on my schedule for a particular day, I dedicate all of my time to my girls. One of my girls is seventeen and the other one is four so I alternate the plans depending on what each of them want to do. If my older daughter wants to go to the spa one week, we do that. Next week, if the younger one wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese, I make sure to do that. Everybody enjoys and I spend quality time with my children.

Bayou Beat News: What’s some advice you have for moms and aspiring beauty artists trying to balance it all?

Jones: Time is valuable. You need time to keep up with your family. I am big on family and I love watching my children grow. Making sure I’m available for my children no matter what is important. For the makeup industry, if you put more time into your family as much as you do into your work, you’ll forever have clients. Most of my clients are day-to-day women who are moms and they understand how much family means to them and me. We all have something in common. Women watch your lifestyle. They watch more than your makeup and they look to see if you’re well rounded with substance. That draws more people to you because they are intrigued. What you put out there is what you’re going to get.

Bayou Beat News: Where do you hope to see your beauty brand in the next 10 years?

Jones: You should expect to see my own makeup line and a full-blown state-of-the-art salon sanctuary. I want a one-stop-shop. If you need your hair, makeup, and nails done, I want that all in one facility. I don’t want people to have to run around town because Houston is so big. I want a place where women can have a sanctuary to feel good about themselves when they walk out. My ultimate goal is to have six artists and six beauticians.

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