It was a night in January 2020 many will never forget, but for KPRC 2 reporter Brandon Walker, much of it is all a blur. What is clear, however, is his appreciation for life and those who are now forever a part of his.

The reporter was in a crosswalk when he was hit by a truck. He was severely injured and remembers little about that night except for crossing the street and bits and pieces of the ambulance ride to the hospital.

It was weeks later when Walker learned that it was a Houston teen that helped save his life before the ambulance arrived. The heroic teen, Alexander Park, is a student at Lamar High School and an Eagle Scout. Park was awarded the Boy Scouts of America’s Medal of Merit this week for his quick decisions that helped save Walker’s life.

In a Facebook post, Walker tells of how he met the teen, giving thanks:

“I don’t remember much, other than attempting to cross the street and being loaded into an ambulance. In fact, I didn’t know much, beyond what an officer told me in the ER. I faded in and out, joking with doctors and nurses, attempting to control a matter over which I had zero grasp.

Three weeks passed. Then came Sunday. I awoke to several messages, including one which posed a query that fused together two narratives: mine and one belonging to the young man you see in the pic.

Friends, meet Alex Park. Alex’s mom, Courtney, messaged me with her son’s story.

Alex didn’t bear witness to the collision. No. However, life did bring him to the scene seconds after the crash occurred. I’m told Alex was headed to the cinema when he saw my body in the street. He pulled over, noticed the bleeding from my forehead, ran to his car, and returned with a t-shirt. Alex tied said shirt around my head to control the bleeding, as there was a lot. He wasn’t done. Alex then directed traffic, and instructed the driver of the truck that struck me to call 9-11, I’ve been told. He then returned to me, as I went in and out of consciousness. The story goes I tried to get up. Alex told me not to do so. He feared spinal injuries.
Smart guy.

Medics arrived. Rushed me to Ben Taub Hospital. I’ve shared that part of the story.

What I haven’t shared, till now, is Alex’s story, which I didn’t know until Sunday.

Alex Park is a senior at Lamar High School (Houston), where he dominates the rugby pitch. He’s the youngest of four, an Eagle Scout… oh… and an angel.

I’ve many angels to whom I owe my life. Count Alex Park among them. In fact, what he did: helping to control the bleeding, whilst encouraging me to keep still, fearing paralysis — or even worse — likely saved my life.

Alex isn’t much for pomp and circumstance, though. We met Sunday. Alex’s mom, Courtney, organized everything. He told her, “I really didn’t do that much.”

I realize this is a long post, but my heart overflows with gratitude. I had to share. Even more, I had to introduce y’all to my newest little brother.

God bless you, Alex.”

The Boy Scout’s Medal of Merit is a national award earned by a scout who has “performed acts of service of a rare or exceptional character that reflect an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others.”

It seems Parker checks all the boxes of a noble and compassionate scout, and for Walker, WE LOVE YOU and are glad you’ve made a full recovery.