Billie Eilish is hitting back at critics following her recent British Vogue cover. Although many fans were thrilled to see her explore a new look, others were upset and urged the star not to succumb to the pressures of the industry.

Eilish gained the world’s attention in 2015 when she skyrocketed to fame with her song “Ocean Eyes” at the tender age of 13. Since then, she has become known for wearing baggy clothes and not following societal standards in regards to body image and the socially desired norm.

But in her recent cover for British Vogue published last week, Eilish sheds her tomboy appearance and delves into her journey for self-love, and encourages others to love themselves. 

“I love these pictures and I loved doing this shoot,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post unveiling the photos. “Do whatever you want whenever you want. F*** everything else.”

Eilish’s fans also realized something shocking from her new Vogue cover: her signature Black hair with green roots took six weeks to change. In an interview with comedian and Late Night Show Host, Stephen Colbert, Eilish appeared in her natural blonde hair and admitted to wearing a wig while her stylist completed her grueling hair transformation from green to platinum blonde.  She also admitted that her internet-breaking record of getting to one million likes in less than six minutes was shocking for her. Eilish explained that she does get excited, but the response from her followers really just makes her never want to post again. She explained, “I wanted to post more when less people cared.” 

Nonetheless, Eilish is unlike any other music artist at just 19 years old, she is a teen superstar and is unapologetically bold and forthright in her skin and her values. Her forward attitude, genuine personality, and way of thinking are what has allowed her to connect and empower others. 

Her new album, Happier Than Ever will be released in July. With this album, Eilish says she hopes to continue to promote positivity from the lens of fearlessness and bold empowerment for others and herself.