Fans of the boxing community were left dazed and confused after the Triller Fight  Club boxing match host and commentator, Snoop Dogg, debuted his new single Saturday night.

Fans took to social media to complain about Snoop’s 40-minute introduction that kicked off with a monologue by Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, who also served alongside Snoop as co-host.

Davidson’s performance was followed by a skit featuring Snoop Dogg and Jaleel White from the 90s sitcom “Family Matters.”

White donned his famous suspenders and high-waisted pants to resurrect his famous “Steve Urkel” nerd character to promote a new marijuana strain named “Purple Urkel.”

And if that wasn’t weird enough, rock band “The Black Keys” played a 20-minute set, followed by pop singer Justin Bieber, who served as the headliner, and an underwhelming 3-minute performance by female rappers Saweetie and Doja Cat.

Snoop Dogg also took the stage to perform with his new supergroup “Mount Westmore.”  The group consists of legendary California rappers, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too Short, who performed their single, “Step Child,” for the first time.

After the myriad of performers and skits, the actual fight only lasted one minute, which led many fans to say that the fight was rigged.

A video of Askren smiling and walking to the locker room after being knocked out didn’t help with the rigged theory.

A video of Snoop Dogg saying he won $2 million from the fight also has fans screaming foul play. According to the “Twitter police,” Snoop has been vocal about his bet with the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White.

Snoop can be seen in the video screaming “Where my money” at White, and “Give me my $2 million on the set cuz.”

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