Local Houston business owner Jackie Adams will be bringing back her annual All-White Affair and will pay tribute to her mother with the release of her new collection.

Adams has been the owner of MELODRAMA Boutique for 18 years and says that surviving the pandemic as a small business owner led her to create the new line.

“This year has been so hard on so many people, especially small businesses. Losing my mother 3 years ago was extremely difficult because she was my support system, she was my biggest champion,” Adams said. “During the pandemic, I got to really think and put a lot of things into perspective, and I am so very blessed. A combination of these emotions led me to create the Idrissa collection.”

The collection is named for and inspired by Adams mother, Idrissa, and her dedication to serving the Black community.

“My mom was all about African culture, clothing, and educating the Black community through her works with the Shrine of The Black Madonna. This collection pays tribute to her by incorporating traditional African pieces into everyday fashions,” said Adams.

Staying true to her mother’s work in the community, Adams says she wants to make the event a fun, teachable moment for everyone.

“Idrissa will debut during the fashion show so we can demonstrate and teach everyone how to properly wear the custom-made pieces,” Adams explained. “I want it to be a fun opportunity for everyone. No matter your race or size, you will find something in this collection that will speak to you and become your favorite piece.”

The collection consists of a poncho, mudcloth, and handbags ranging in a variety of colors. She will also debut a summer swimsuit line that can be paired with the Idrissa collection that’s available in sizes small to 2XL.

“When people hear poncho and swimwear they don’t associate the two, but that’s the beauty of the Idrissa collection. The poncho can be worn as a wrap for your swimsuit and the handbags are large and deep, making them the perfect vacation or beach bag,” said Adams.

Due to COVID, Adams was not able to host the annual all-white affair last year but will be going all out this year with live music, a runway fashion show, a photo booth, and complimentary drinks.

“I have always hosted the All-White party for my birthday but wasn’t able to do it last year because of COVID,” said Adams. “This year I decided to celebrate me and my mom and everyone who made it through this past year.”

The event will take place on Sunday, May 2, 2021, from 2 pm to 6 pm at MELODRAMA Boutique located at 5306 Almeda Rd.

… And did we mention the event is free! Make sure you RSVP at the link below.