Stand-up comedian and actor Gary Owen and his wife, Kenya Duke, are calling it quits after 18 years of marriage. Duke has reportedly filed papers in a Los Angeles County Superior Court, and is blaming another celebrity for, perhaps, one of the reasons for their break-up.

Owen and Duke have become famous for their loving bi-racial marriage, which also serves as the foundation for most of the comedian’s jokes.

Neither have revealed what exactly led to the abrupt split, but Duke took to Instagram to insinuate actress Claudia Jordan is caught up in the mix. It appears the wife believe that Jordan may have been trying to hook up her friend with the married man.

Duke posted this now deleted statement to her IG:

“Tried to be quiet out of respect for my kids but @claudiajordan has me on one this morning. 23 years together Gary didn’t have s* but a raggedy pick up and good credit, no place to live. Dallas, TX your old a should know better – Married not separated- married. @garyowencomedy all the energy you spent lying, acting and creating a fake narrative for these b****es that want to be me, you could have done it with a veggie burger and a glass of fake filtered water.”

Jordan clapped back, admitting that she did meet Owen for dinner with a mutual friend, but it was all innocent.


“He was in town recently and I went and met him for a bite to eat and I brought my friend with me. He didn’t wanna go, he was tired. I’m not gonna say my friend’s name because they are going to say it was her,” Claudia posted.

She then explained that she brought her friend because she is in a relationship and is cautious about how things look when you are photographed out eating with a man.

“Because I am in a relationship too. Even though we know what it is, we’re friends, it’s like me him and my homie and we are just talking, shooting sh*t,” the post continued.

Claudia not only feels her explanation is valid, but asked that Duke make a retraction and public apology.

“I just hope the apology and the backpedal is as loud at the false accusation. That is all. Carry on…. smh,” she posted.

Owen has yet to respond to the drama, but we have to ask, did his wife overreact or did he cross the line by not informing her first? What are the rules when it comes to nights out on the town, dinners or lunches with friends of the opposite sex?