Brittani [Bri-TAN-e] Washington is one of the leading female percussionists and keyboardists in the music industry. She received her start in 2005 as the founding member of Beyonce’s all-female concert band, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including JLo, George Michaels, Alicia Keys and so many more! Fresh off of her recent success at the Soul Train Music Awards, Washington says she is ready to fulfill her dreams of becoming a major recording artist.

The Port Arthur, Texas native spoke with Bayou Beat News about her latest projects and stepping out on faith.

BB: What led you to want to create a project in the middle of a pandemic?

Brittani: So much has happened this year, good and bad, that almost made me want to switch careers. I received a lot of buzz from the Soul Train Awards because so many people were able to see me performing on a national platform, alongside CeeLo and En Vogue, but I’ve been playing music my entire life. I grew up singing and playing the piano in my father’s church and soon after I was on tour and the jobs just kept coming. The pandemic made me have to sit down and focus and ask myself what was next for me and my career.

BB: Why did you decide to put out a vocal project as opposed to strictly keyboards and drums?

Brittani: I have put out a few singles in the past, and I am always recording, but it was just something fun to do. One night during the pandemic I sat down and listened to all the music I’ve ever made, and thought, ‘it’s not my place to keep it to myself,’ so I decided to focus all of my attention on a solo project.

BB: You have been known for rocking your signature afro. What made you change up your look?

Brittani: On this record I’m being as real as I can possibly be. I want the whole world to really get to know me. As women, we grow and evolve and sometimes the best way to start fresh is with a new look. For me, changing it up was more about stepping out of my comfort zone than anything else.

BB: What we can expect to hear on your new solo project?

Brittani:  I want to use this record to focus on my voice, but I will be playing acoustic and lead guitar. I’ve never played those instruments on a major stage before.

BB: Your first single is “Puff Puff Pass.” What made you drop that one first?

Brittani: I think this has been a very stressful year and everyone is looking for ways to cope. “Puff Puff Pass” is my way of saying let’s relax, let’s pass the time, let’s take our mind off of our troubles, and just release. The video is finally out and already has over 18k views.

BB: Can you share any other new exciting projects that you have in the works?

Brittani: I’m currently the face of the “New Casio Privia Keyboard” and have been featured in their global commercial campaign that spans from the U.S. to Germany. I honestly wish I could tell you everything else that I have in the works because it’s so exciting and I can’t wait for these projects to come out, but I can’t. What I can tell you is that I will be working with an artist that I’ve never played with before and I’m getting more acting opportunities.

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