The state of Texas is under lockdown as it faces one of the harshest winter snowstorm that it’s seen in over a decade.

Mayor Sylvester Turner initiated rotating power outages in order to conserve power after a recent statement by CenterPoint indicates that 1,153,000 customers are without power.

Mayor Turner held a press conference to provide more details on the outages and the steps that they are putting in place.

“My number one concern right now are the power outages. This is not something the city controls. I know people are looking for warmth, but please do not warm up inside vehicles within garages. If our critical care and special needs residents need assistance, please call 3-1-1,” Turner said.¬† “For residents who do have power, please consider lowering your thermostat, open your blinds and not use heavy appliances to help conserve energy. We all have a role to play to ensure our continued safety.”

Mayor Turner also reassured citizens that he understands the severity of the situation and is experiencing the cold along with the city.

“For those without power, I know it is cold. The Mayor is in the same position but we will get through this together,” he tweeted.