With most of the world under some type of “quarantine,” there are so many of us complaining that we are “losing our glow” – literally – during this pandemic.  After a year of social distancing, reduced outdoor activity and natural stress and worry, our skin is taking a beating.

We reached out to Dr. D. Milton Moore, renowned dermatologist, founder & CEO of Moore Unique Skin Care (which has products unique for African Americans), to ask how we can bring the “snap back” to our skin.

BB: Many of us are staying indoors more during this pandemic, what advice do you give to African Americans on the importance of taking care of their skin during these stressful times?

Moore: Stay hydrated with drinking water and using a body wash that doesn’t dry your skin out. Get adequate sleep and do meditation if you find yourself stressful.

BB: What are three simple steps we can do each day to take care of our skin and overall health?

Moore: Hydrate, rest, and eat healthy.

BB: Are there any healthy over-the-counter supplements you recommend that can help give our skin that natural glow?

Moore: Eating healthy and taking daily vitamins. No particular brand comes to mind, but make sure the label indicates a complete list of vitamins.

BB: What drove you to launch your own skincare line?

Moore: I suffered from razor bumps as a dermatologist and there wasn’t anything available to help me.

BB: How has your business practices changed during the pandemic?

Moore: All mandates for wearing masks and maintaining social distance are being enforced for the safety of all patients and staff members. It takes a little longer to keep everyone safe, but the extra safety measures are important.

BB: What advice do you have to give to African Americans on how to survive – overall – during COVID-19?

Moore: Follow CDC recommendations and be willing to help others that need help.

BB: We hear that your children are also in the medical field, following in your footsteps. Can you tell us a little about what they are working on?

Moore: My oldest son Dr. Milton R. Moore, Jr., M.D. is a dermatologist in San Antonio. My youngest son Justin D. Moore, JD, is a lawyer and entrepreneur who owns his own skin care company called Holly Hall Supply.

More about Dr. D. Milton Moore:

Dr. Milton D. Moore has launched Black Skin Deep, the deeply personal podcast highlighting his insights, perspectives, and reflections on decades of experience as a Black pharmacist, dermatologist, and entrepreneur.

Podcast listeners will learn how a painful struggle led Dr. Moore to invent a solution that is now the centerpiece of his eponymous skin care product line. He also highlights how his upbringing, the role-modeling of accomplished family members and mentors, and the rigorous education at three prestigious Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Xavier, Meharry, and Howard – challenged and inspired him to excel.

As a program that affirms #BlackLivesMatter and contributes to the national discourse on social justice and equity, the podcast features Dr. Moore’s detailed and deeply personal discussions about seizing possibilities, recovering from pitfalls, and challenging practices and perceptions through his persistent drive to represent and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the mass retail marketplace. Moore Unique Skin Care has earned recognition in Walmart’s “Made in America” vendor program as an example of how a small minority vendor should do business with the huge retailer.

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