“Gourmet Tray” is a food enthusiast and blogger who takes pride in finding the best places to eat and dine out in and around the city of Houston. This week, G.T. shares the best places to visit for Valentine’s weekend.

Are you a couple looking to add some romance back into your relationship? G.T. says try Mastro’s Steakhouse, which has a beautiful waterfall and can be very romantic, or visit Musaafer, which has four cabanas on the upstairs patio that gives you a little privacy to snuggle next to your love and watch the sunset. Both are located in the Galleria area.

If you want to skip dinner and enjoy dessert and a few cocktails, try the Sugar Room. It’s a very romantic after-dinner venue. The storefront is a bakery, but there’s a hidden room in the back with a bar that doubles as a romantic hideaway.

G.T. says it’s okay to skip the mushy stuff if you are a fun and energetic couple. Try opting for an interactive experience instead at a more casual place like Lost & Found. The swanky dive has great food, TVs, hooka, music and fun cocktails with names like Side Piece, Champagne Showers and Golden Cadillac.

The sports bar “Bottled Blonde” is also a casual hot spot that doubles as a nightclub and can be a fun atmosphere for a vibrant couple.

There’s also great options for Galentine’s and Guylantines Day!

If you want to avoid the couples and their over-the-top PDA, grab your girls or your boys and head over to Trez Art & Wine Bar for Happy Hour, dinner or cocktails. Ladies’ night is Wednesday and Thursday, so guys will be sure to meet a sexy baddie or two and they won’t have to worry about spending too much on drinks, thanks to the Reverse Happy Hour.

But let’s not forget that, despite celebrating a holiday that is all about being close and showing our affection, the COVID pandemic is very real and very deadly.

If you want to get out of the house and enjoy a safe environment, Steak 48 has been practicing all COVID safety protocols. They have a strict reservations-only policy, which helps to limit the number of guests at one time. Potente is also a great fine dining romantic venue that caters to a sophisticated crowd. Everyone is very good at respecting each other’s space and adhering to the COVID social distancing rules.

Take a look at all of the restaurants below!

  • Steak 48