What in the coronavirus is going on? Rapper and actor Bow Wow is facing heavy criticism after taking part in a concert in Houston during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple video clips posted to social media shows Spire Nightclub, located in the 1700 block of Main St., extremely packed with a crowd of partygoers living their best “mask-free” lives.

Well, that didn’t set right with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who called Bow Wow out on Twitter.

“These events that are scheduled with @BowWowPromoTeam today in Houston are on our radar. Other bars/clubs that are operating as restaurants, beyond capacity and social distancing requirements, please expect visits. Today we report 1,964 new cases and 17 more deaths,” Turner tweeted.

Bow Wow replied, “Mr mayor … why you blaming me though? Like this is crazy. You acting like this was a bow wow weekend. Why you singling me out? Im asking respectfully. Im just the easy target? Im the celeb that gets the most attn so its easy to just put it on me?”

— Bow Wow (@smoss) January 18, 2021

This is the second time that Bow Wow has stared COVID-19 in the eye with complete disregard for health concerns. The rapper was recently spotted on a yacht with multiple people and no PPE.

But Bow Wow isn’t the only one to blame. The club was hosting a party for Larry Morrow, and other performers shown on the promotional flyer included Trey Songz and Fabolous.

Mayor Turner has been very vocal about the difficulties he has faced keeping the young people out of the clubs.

“I would say to the business owners and managers you should be responsible,” the mayor said. “But the definition of a club or a nightclub is to come together, I don’t care how you characterize it or recharacterize it. If it is a club or a nightclub, you know you are coming together, it is a social setting, and it also becomes a super spreader.”


Check out more tweets from Bow Wow and Mayor Turner below, and word to the wise, COVID is no joke. Please do us all a favor and stay your ass at home!