JaCorrian Smith is basking in the aroma of achievement as a proud Black business owner at the age of 19.

The young entrepreneur has released new “His and Hers” fragrances, as part of his J. Smith Collection, an idea that came to him during the pandemic.

“I woke up at 5 o’clock one morning and said ‘I have to create my own scent,’ and from there I got busy contacting developers whom I worked with on various samples until we had the perfect end product.”

And the concept was no easy task, as he worked meticulously to create something that would definitely turn heads with the perfect whiff as people pass by.

“I always mix my cologne when I go to events just to get get a particular smell so I wanted to create something unique for others,” Smith said. “I created this entire brand off of parts of my personality and I took bits and pieces from the characters of people who I look up to.”

For women, he created a frangrance that’s a mix of “woodsy” and floral, and for men, there is a hint of citrus.

“And they both complement each other,” Smith said.

Whatever’s your pleasure – or whatever it is you’re seeking — he says his collection delivers.

After finding the right smell, he found the right manufacturer, and hopes his new endeavor will be a hit.

Smith says the road hasn’t been easy and is thankful for everyone who’s been encouraging him, adding that his sister has supported him every step of the way.

“We all need someone in our corner who is going to be there no matter what the situation is,” he shared.

Smith – who is from Tyler, Texas – is a real go-getter. After graduating high school within three years, he enrolled in the University of Houston where he is currently majoring in Public Health and Business and is an advocate for the youth.

In addition to his fragrance collection, Smith has plans to launch a clothing line.

Not ending there, Smith wants to run for a Texas State Representative in the future.

What can we say? #BlackExcellence at its finest.

Click here for more information on the J. Smith Collection.

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