Fast food takeout and drive-thru meals became the only dining option for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, and according to a recent report, Raising Cane’s Fried Chicken franchise was the favorite among Texans.

According to the TOP Data Study, fried chicken has only seen a 6% reduction; outperforming burger and taco chains, which have experienced a downturn of 15%, and pizza chains at -21%.

What is Texas’ favorite chicken restaurant? 

The study analyzed visits to chicken restaurants across the nation and found that Raising Cane’s was the number one, Church’s Chicken was number two and KFC was number three. Surprisingly, among Texans – Popeyes came in at number four and Chic-fil-A at number 5. 

KFC currently ranks as America’s favorite, coming in as number one in 14 U.S. states. FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD!