What does “true love” smell like? Well, we are about to find out! Power couple Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, are adding another accomplishment to their growing empire.

The couple spoke with People Magazine to talk about their new perfume, The Fragrance Duo, and share the meaning behind it.  

“We are special on our own, but there is nothing more powerful and more magnetic than when we are together, and that is reflected in the entire package from the bottle design to the blends inside,” said Wilson.

[With the way these two are so in love — and we are here for it — we couldn’t resist conjuring up classic ‘Boomerang’ movie scenes when Strange’ (Grace Jones) was naming her fragrance “STEEL VAGINA!and describing “The Essence of Sex.”]

Ciara also revealed that her pregnancy gave her an advantage when it came to choosing the fragrance.

“This is a dream come true for the both of us. I’ve been dreaming of creating my own fragrance for years and the chance to introduce our first fragrance together was truly special and meaningful,” she said. “We created this fragrance during one of the toughest times in life and it brought us such joy in the midst of it all. I was also pregnant, and my sense of smell was off the charts, which was an advantage! The experience was very special and memorable, and created really cool memories for Russell and I.”

The Fragrance Duo can be purchased for $90 on the R&C website.

[And here’s another extended clip of the scene-stealing Ms. Jones describing “The Essence of Sex!”]