President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are quarantining at the White House after contracting the coronavirus.

Trump received initial treatment from Walter Reed Medical Center while the First Lady chose to remain at home.

After three days, the president emerged from his hospital room and greeted the nation, waving to the press after exiting his helicopter on the White House lawn.

“Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life,” said Trump.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people with moderate COVID-19 symptoms isolate and take other precautions for 10 days after the onset of symptoms.

Due to the president’s lax recovery time in comparison to your average citizen, it has some screaming “fake news.”

So, was it a real health concern or a hoax?

That’s what many Americans are left pondering as rumors that the President is pretending to have COVID in an effort to garner votes has started spreading on social media.

CNN commentator and New York Times bestselling author Keith Boykins was among those who challenged the president’s COVID diagnosis.

“Only two possible explanations for Trump leaving the hospital,” said Boykins.  “One, he never had COVID and this was all a hoax to distract from his debate performance, tax returns, Melania tapes, and other scandals. Two, he’s the most recklessly selfish president in modern history. Take your pick.”

But not everyone believes the rumor mill.

There are many Trump supporters who say that COVID itself is a hoax and the president’s health proves it.

Fox News Contributor and Trump supporter Mollie Hemingway tweeted that the media is to blame for the misinformation surrounding the coronavirus.

Big Media and other Biden campaign operatives need you to believe that COVID is a certain death sentence, which is why they downplay facts on actual fatality rates, etc. They are *livid* that Trump is once again demonstrating how fake their narratives are.

Now, more than ever, we must decide for ourselves what’s true and false in this political tug of war.