HOUSTON – If you don’t appreciate a good thing, it may just go away. Well, we think Texans everywhere are getting the memo after one of our beloved “after church” Sunday eateries is being forced to shut down several locations across the state.

Say it ain’t so — don’t mess with our Luby’s!

That good old macaroni and cheese with the extra baked on cheese topping, the famous block of fried fish and the old school liver and onions that your grandmother loves (almost) went away for good — but now, it just may be a little harder to find.

Luby’s and its sister restaurant, Fuddruckers, were already struggling pre-pandemic, but after the coronavirus /COVID-19 hit, the company shut down all operations on March 31 and has since not recovered.

Luby’s CEO and President Christopher J. Pappas said in a statement, “We believe that moving forward with a plan of liquidation will maximize value for our stockholders, while also preserving the flexibility to pursue a sale of the company should a compelling offer that delivers superior value be made.”

That made everyone share nostalgic memories about the days of “Lu Ann platters yore” and begging for the 73-year-old Texas chain to remain open.

We can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, but the company’s chief operating officer made a post shortly after the closure announcement saying they would be sticking around a bit longer.

“We are here today and plan to be here for a long time,” Luby’s COO Todd Coutee wrote on Facebook. “Our team members are delighted to serve you and look forward to today, the holidays and beyond. I want to personally thank you and invite you to come out and dine in with us or get our great food to-go.”

Luby’s has 60 locations across Texas, and Fuddruckers has about 40 restaurants in Texas and around 26 in other states.

Just keep your eyes open and when you see a Luby’s, pull over, sit a spell and enjoy some good eats. If you want it to stay, PATRONIZE!